The Conversari Congruence Model

In chemistry, matter derives its weight and solidity from the alignment of its molecules. When molecules aren’t aligned, matter falls apart with minimal environmental stress. When all elements are aligned, matter can have the strength of a diamond. The chemistry of organizations follows the same principle. When organizations have their key elements aligned, it provides them with the strength to withstand risks, adapt to changing environments, and inspire trust among its employees, clients and suppliers.

We call this quality congruence.

Conversari Congruence Model

A methodology that contemplates ROI from the beginning

Every organization is different, which is why our 4-step process ensures our programs’ success:

1. Understand

Detect needs, determine objectives and establish measurable indicators of success.

2. Design

Create a custom program comprised of one or more of our 8 programs – in English or Spanish.

3. Train

Emphasize immediate application of new skills based on state-of-the-art theory.

4. Measure

Follow-up training by demonstrating ROI in productivity, image and/or effectiveness.


Soft skills can yield hard results

Conversari strives to make the best use of resources and demonstrate long-lasting results, focusing on Return on Investment in Training & Development (ROITD) in one or more of the following three areas:


Time saved due to clear and concise internal communication, brief and effective meetings, and less time spent preparing and assimilating information.


The impact of projecting world-class professionalism.


Integrated teams equipped with effective feedback skills and more convincing emails, documents and presentations.

Return on Investment

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