An experienced, multicultural team

United by a passion for communication, teamwork & achieving results for our clients

Kenneth Andersen

transforms teams by helping them develop advanced communication abilities and skills, applying his extensive international experience in the fields of economics, education … Read More

Thomas Veeman

helps teams bridge cultural barriers and overcome differences in communication styles, integrating his work experience that spans 6 countries and … Read More

Olaf Dickinson

transforms teams and executives by coaching them in visualizing their full range of possibilities and consequences of decision making, employing effective … Read More

Melisa Alonzo

specializes in effective communication training by applying her extensive knowledge base in international psychology. She has ample experience as a … Read More

Alejandra Gómez

helps teams develop communication that is clear, congruent and powerful, employing over 10 years of experience in advertising and public … Read More

Ricardo Otero Rodríguez

facilitates the transformation of executives and teams, especially leaders, for their personal and professional growth and development, applying his extensive … Read More

Anna Goy

is passionate about empowering and inspiring others to become confident communicators. She helps teams to engage and build meaningful relationships with stakeholders … Read More

Tom Scott

inspires individuals and teams to evolve their leadership and business practices through applying his MBA-backed knowledge and international experience in … Read More

Mylene Dumas

is passionate about preparing companies for the workplace of the future by focusing on their employer brand, talent attraction strategy … Read More